Of course, having a baby is about a whole lot much more than dressing them up in cute little outfits, but I should admit that it’s one part of being a parent I absolutely love. keep in mind, we only get about 3 years to dress them in the clothes we want before their little personalities really develop and they demand to pick out their own outfits (to be honest, that is a fun part of parenting too). That being said, you have got to put them in at least a couple of funny baby t-shirts over the years. below you will find just a couple of our favorites! 

One fun idea to keep in mind with these t-shirts is that numerous of them could work for an lovable baby announcement picture. Or they could also make for great baby shower gifts for a funny mother and dad-to-be! 

50 funny baby t-shirts [For Announcements & More!]

Funny baby t-shirts for every Occasion

Breakin’ Hearts Blastin’ Farts

It is what it is, we all fart and that includes babies! This little onesie comes in 8 different lovable colors. best of all, it is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Be sure to snap some photos to show your future heartbreaker in their teen years!

Storm Trooper

You do not really understand how dark the dark side of a storm Pooper can be until you become a parent. At least with this funny baby shirt, you will get a laugh out of each diaper change.

This would make a great first Disneyland trip shirt, too! 

Cool Mom

Sometimes your baby has to let everyone know what is up. Obviously, you are not a regular mom. You’re a cool mom. soak up your little one agreeing with this until they are… about five. 

Be sure to check out the size chart offered as these sizes are a bit different from usual. 

Wake Up- Drank

If you were in college or your late years of high school in 2012, then you know exactly what this onesie is referring to. Of course, they have twisted it up to be baby-friendly. It pretty much represents exactly how many baby’s days go. Thanks, Kendrick Lamar!  

Locally Brewed

Craft beer has taken the world by storm! welcome the newest hipster to your family with this “locally brewed” shirt, so that they can snooze in the stroller during your next weekend brewery tour. 

Keep in mind these onesies run a bit small, so purchase up! 

Romaine Calm

These little vegetable themed organic bodysuits are lovable and take wordplay to a whole new level. I imply come one, could there be anything cuter than your sweet baby wearing a t-shirt that says “Please Romaine Calm” or “Veggin’ Out”, I don’t think so! 10/10 the ideal outfit for a day at the farmer’s market. 

I only love My Bed & My Momma 

Not exactly sure if Drake knew that when he wrote the lyrics “I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry,” that it would become the anthem for all mom’s for the next decade. I am here for it, though, and there is nothing much more accurate about a newborn than that statement. They really do just love their beds and their mommas. 

This onesie comes in quite a few great color choices, as well! 

I’d Flex

Is your husband at the gym every morning getting a workout in? Do you spend your days hanging out with your CrossFit tribe? If so, this is the ideal funny t-shirt for your baby. Those rolls count when flexing after all. 

Svär inte

This funny baby t-shirt is sure to keep everyone in line. However, it is certainly one of the t-shirts on this list that will have to be put away before your little one grows up and learns how to read! Shh, it’s mother and dad’s secret that they can laugh about for years to come. 

9 Months on the Inside

Your sweet baby is still completely innocent (even if it doesn’t seem that way when they won’t go to sleep at 3 am), which is what makes this baby t-shirt so funny! Hopefully, your tummy is the only time they spend on the inside all their life! 

Daddy How-To

Daddy (and mommy!) might still be trying to get the hang of things. This onesie will certainly help them out. After all, it’s not the easiest thing to figure out how to dress a tiny person. 

Don’t Touch Me

While this onesie is certainly a joke, I think it’s a great way to make light of the whole please don’t touch my baby thing. This way you can laugh about it and then make it clear you actually don’t want your baby touched. 

Ice, Ice Baby

You know what this onesie is about! The only downfall is that Vanilla Ice’s voice will probably be stuck in your head all day if you dress your baby in it. 

My Aunt is Cooler

Calling all aunties to be! This is the ideal gift to give your new nephew or niece as a joke and will protected your spot as the cool aunt for years to come.  

I only Cry When…

I laugh out loud every single time I see this baby onesie. It’ll be especially funny if you happen to have a baby who cries at just about anybody holding them. 


Bottle-fed or breastfed, all babies qualify as milkaholics. This easy little onesie is the ideal way to help them express thpå!

Alexa, change My Diaper

What would we do without Alexa or Suri or Google Home? I don’t really remember what life was like before you could just shout at a device and get an answer. Unfortunately, there are some things that Alexa won’t be able to help you out with when it concerns parenting. 

Picked Up By the Ladies

If you have got a young ladies man on your hands, he needs this t-shirt to complete the vibe. I’m sure he will thank you later when he looks back on his baby pictures with you. 

Adorable ways to Announce

You Can stop Now

I think every married couple, or possibly every woman over 25, has heard the “when are you having a baby” questions one or two times. That is what makes this onesie the ideal way to create an lovable photo opp for your pregnancy announcement. 

Bottle of the house White, Please

For the wine-loving mama-to-be, there is no better way to announce a pregnancy than with this funny baby shirt! 

World’s Cutest tax Deduction

Of course, your pregnancy announcement is a big deal, but it’s always good to have a little fun with it. Your little tax deduction won’t mind! 


No words needed to discuss this one, in some cases two babies is such a shock that this is all there is to say! let your friends and family know that twins are on the way with these lovable little onesies. 

Best Oops Ever

You might as well put it out in the open that this was an accident, especially if people are already talking anyways. Some mistakes really do end up being the best things that ever happened to us. 

Sh** just got Real

Let everyone in your life know that you are taking life up a notch with a new addition to the family! count on me, sh*t really is about to get real. 

My siblings have Paws

This onesie is lovable and funny all in one. Plus, it is ideal for any parents-to-be whose dogs were their first babies. 

Burrito, Taco, Taquito

Get the whole family in on the announcement with a funny t-shirt for the burrito, taco, and taquito! 

Funny mommy and Me matching baby Shirts

Piece of the Pie

Give me another little pizza your heart now, baby! This matching set will help to instill your love of pizza in your baby as soon as possible. 

Sassy like Mama

Let the world know where your little one gets their sass from with this funny matching t-shirt set! Plus, I just think this “mama” t-shirt is absolutely adorable. 

Kopiera klistra in

Does your baby look just like you? If so, you need these funny t-shirts to let the world know you have a mini-me. 

Tired as a Mother

There is probably one little reason that you are exhausted all the time… your baby! get this onesie for your wild child and the coordinating mother t-shirt for you. 


You might be the boss, but let’s be real, our little ones are the real bosses in many of our households. have no shame in letting the world know who really runs the show! 

W(h)ine game Strong

Another ideal t-shirt for the wine-loving mom! You may love wine, but your little one probably loves whining even more. 


Milk Drunk 
We Were Made Pho Each Other
In Queso emergency call Grandma
Ordering Dinner
I wet My Plants
Ain’t nobody got Time for Naps
Say hi to My little Friend
You’re killing Me Smalls
The Remix
Not Adulting Today
I put My baby on My Hip
Eat, Poop, Sleep, Repeat
The new family Favorite
Plot Twist
I’m the Last One, Seriously!
Player 3 has entered the Game
Chugs and Snugs
Losing My Marbles

I hope this list has given you a laugh and inspired you to dress your baby in all the funny t-shirts that you possibly can before they are old enough to tell you no! Whether you are wanting to make a pregnancy announcement, a matching set, or just an everyday kind of outfit… you can’t go wrong with putting a smile on everyone’s face. 

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